Meet Wendy

Elected to the Monterey County Board to Supervisors in 2020, Wendy Root Askew is a mother to a young child, wife to an architect, and daughter to a parent educator and retired Army Colonel. A creative problem-solver with 4th generation deep roots in our community. Wendy is committed to advancing policy that promotes the ability of families – in all their form – to thrive. 


Supervisor Askew is committed to supporting all Monterey County residents to have their basic needs met in safe, connected communities where there is opportunity for personal fulfillment and access to protected natural resources.  Her priorities as Supervisor include: social equity, healthcare access, high quality services, access to affordable child care, water and mass transit solutions, increased accountability and customer service for County services, housing, and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Wendy currently resides in Marina with her young son and her husband, Dominick.

A Letter from Wendy

Thank you for believing in our campaign and believing in me.

It is my absolute honor to serve as the District 4 elected County Supervisor representing Seaside, Marina, South Salinas, East Garrison, Del Rey Oaks, CSUMB, and Sand City. 


During our our campaign I heard everyday from families who want action on affordable housing and a compassionate response to homelessness. I listened to seniors who are frustrated about sitting in traffic as they traveled growing distances to their work. I heard from young people who want to know that our plans for economic development include living wage jobs and career paths.


Keeping our community safe during the pandemic meant spending hours on the phone, talking and texting with voters who want a safe economic recovery that protects public health while getting people back to work, access to healthcare for all, and a renewed commitment to treating everyone in our community with dignity and respect.


 As a fourth-generation Monterey County resident, raising my own young family here, my local roots run deep. I care passionately about our community and know that there are so many others who share my love and passion for our County and our future. We may not always agree, but we must continue to work together, honestly and respectfully, to uplift our shared values of fairness and equity for all. 

To those in our community who may not have voted for me – or voted at all: I am here for you too, and my door will always be open. 

I ran to serve because our County residents deserves a strong experienced leader who will ask the hard questions, speak truth to power, lead with integrity, and deliver results for the hard working families, seniors, students, and veterans who rely on the services the County provides.


I’ve never been so proud to call Monterey County my home and never been so grateful to see so many neighbors fighting for shared values of clean water, safe schools, affordable housing, integrity in leadership, workers rights, and equity and opportunity for all.

Our district and our communities deserve a Supervisor with deep experience working on countywide issues and a commitment to principled, transparent leadership. As your Supervisor, I am laser-focused on keeping our communities safe, spurring living-wage job creation, and addressing the housing needs of current and future residents.


Thank you for placing your confidence in me to lead our communities forward. 

Onward my friends!

Wendy Root Askew

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