County Supervisor Wendy Root Askew Announces Extensive Community-Wide Support for Re-Election

July, 25, 2023: Monterey County Supervisor Wendy Root Askew reported over $175,000 in public donations, with an impressive $150,000 cash-on-hand,  for her re-election campaign raised on the most recent June 30th FPPC fundraising filing deadline.

Supervisor Askew has earned over one hundred local endorsements including Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, Congressman Jimmy Panetta, California Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, former State Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning, former Assemblymember Mark Stone, Supervisors Mary Adams and Glen Church,  former County Supervisor Jane Parker, and dozens of local mayors, councilmembers and community leaders.

“I am so grateful for the continued support of the community, and I know it is because of the hard work that we do together to address our important local needs here in Monterey County,” said Supervisor Wendy Root Askew, “I am proud to say contributions to my re-election come from nearly 500 local neighbors and organizations that recognize our results to support every resident, every family.”

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A creative problem-solver with four generation deep roots in Monterey County, Wendy Root Askew is a mother to a young child, wife to an architect, and daughter to a parent educator and retired Army Colonel. As County Supervisor, Askew is committed to advancing policy that promotes the ability of families – in all their forms to have their basic needs met in safe, connected communities where there is opportunity for personal fulfillment, and access to protected natural resources.  

Wendy is committed to supporting all Monterey County residents to have their basic needs met in safe, connected communities where there is opportunity for personal fulfillment and access to protected natural resources.  Her priorities as Supervisor include: social equity, healthcare access, high quality services, access to affordable child care, water and mass transit solutions, increased accountability and customer service for County services, housing, and recovery from the pandemic. 


Expand Affordable Housing and Address Homelessness 

 Housing affordability and homelessness are a county crisis. I will continue the fight to increase housing options, so my son and your family’s future generations can live in the County we all love. I’m proud to be leading regional efforts to provide the support that our unhoused veterans, seniors, and families need to successfully enter transitional housing, including services addressing mental health, addiction, and job placement needs.”    

Maintain Public Safety

Every family deserves to live in a safe neighborhood free from guns, and those breaking the law must be held accountable. I have secured millions of dollars to address gun violence, including getting guns off our streets and addressing the root causes of crime through mental health crisis response, anti-bullying, job training, and violence prevention programs. As a parent, nothing is more important to me than safe, secure school sites—and I will continue my historical support of the Safe Routes to School program.

Fight Climate Change 

I will continue to tackle the most urgent issue of our generation:  fighting the effects of climate change. I will continue to take the lead in addressing the devastating impacts of extreme weather patterns such as drought and wildfire and sea level rise. We must work together regionally to protect our clean air, water, and gorgeous coastline, beaches, and open spaces.”

Expand Affordable Healthcare

Caring for the health of our families includes not only physical conditions but mental health and wellness needs. I will maintain County programs addressing post-partum depression and continue to prioritize services to veterans and seniors who feel isolated and alone.
I will continue the fight for equal access to quality healthcare regardless of income and financial circumstances, including mammograms, women’s health, and counseling.”

“One of Wendy’s greatest strengths is her focus on getting things done, and her personal commitment to identify and meet unmet needs in the community.”

Lisa Stewart. Ph.D.

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